5 Ways to Prep Your MedSpa for the Holiday Season

Here are 5 easy ways to boost sales during this busy season with your medspa software!

We all know how busy the holiday season can be and with some of the biggest spending days of the year coming right up, you need to be prepared for all of the traffic. Clients will be booking up your appointments and still expecting quality experiences in person! With these methods, you can focus on strong marketing strategies for your aesthetic practice and deliver on the remarkable customer service your clients deserve.

Woman in Santa hat buying an online medspa gift card in front of Christmas tree1. Sell online gift cards

A recent study found that approximately 75% of consumers regularly purchase gift cards from small businesses. Want your medspa to be included in those sales? With Envision Cloud MedSpa software, your clients can purchase gift cards through your website. You can also encourage promotions through email campaigns customized for the holiday season with our easy, professionally designed templates.


Gift card promotions for medspa bundles for the holidays2. Promote gift cards

Another way to boost your revenue in the holiday months is to advertise gift card promotions. Clients love to give and receive gift cards for their favorite medical spa and its services. Make sure that you are on their wish list! There are many different options to develop incentives for gift card purchases like “buy a $100 gift card, get an additional $20 gift card for free” or create a package deal such as “buy 3 gift cards, get one free”. You can also discount gift cards by percentage or add a bonus amount based on the amount purchased within your Envision Cloud MedSpa Software.

laser hair removal treatment on legs3. Offer Packages

Within your medspa software, you can design package offerings and group services and products to market to your clients. As an example, after a laser hair removal treatment, clients may be recommended an aftercare lotion to improve recovery. You can package these services and recommendations in one holiday bundle. Additionally, you can propose family bookings with a combination of services for multiple clients. Each option can be marketed as holiday specials to maximize sales during the holiday season.

4. Provide Easy Check-In & Check-Out Options

When your medical spa is full and booked up for the day, clients can use the Custom App check-in feature or you can download the Envision check-in app on a tablet to place by the front desk. We know how tricky it can be for specialists to take on all the front desk responsibilities when your business is packed. This frees up the front desk representatives to focus their attention on finalizing retail sales and other upsells. While staff generates more profit for the business, the clientele experiences an effortless and efficient reception process.

Mobile Payment for medspa software5. Send Mobile payments

Along with the expedited front desk through the My Dash app or kiosk, your clients and specialists can take advantage of the convenient transaction options offered with our medspa software. Mobile payments are the wave of the future and we are seeing more and more efficient options offered for clients. With this time saving option, clients and stylists can focus more on their interaction. With mobile payment from Envision MedSpa Software clients can pay for their service right in the treatment room and even pay in full upfront!


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